As a clinical nutritionist, I can help in many ways to improve your health

Weight loss

Weight loss is not simple and even harder to keep it off. I will educate to to ensure you lose the weight AND keep it off


Not sure if you want surgery? Need help changing your lifestyle. I will assess you and help you get your weight to a healthy range. If you have gastric bypass, gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, malabsorption procedures or  vertical banded gastroplasty, I can assist with weight loss before and after your operation

Eating Disorders

Not sure if you are suffering with an eating disorder. Need help to turn things around? I will sit and listen and then I will help you turn things around


Cancer sufferers can help their symptoms (of treatment or the illness) through changes to their diet. Although a change of diet is not a cure, it can help greatly.


You can manage your diabetes through diet changes. I can help you to manage your diabetes to help you lead a happier lifestyle

Sleep Disorders

Changes to your diet and lifestyle can do wonders to your sleep

High Cholesterol 

I will help you change your diet and bring your levels down

Intolerance Testing

Many aches and pains could actually be down to a an intolerance to a particular food (or multiple)! I can test you right here in the clinic. Analysis of your results and a help you change your diet to help you eliminate your everyday aches and pains

Stomach Disorders

If you have gut illness such as IBS, I can work with you to help manage your day to day struggles

Other health Issues

As a clinical nutritionist, I can help with a many health issues. get in touch and see how I can help

Corporate Consultations for your Business

I also visit corporate organisations to educate and help staff with nutrition. I can provide the follow:

Corporate Wellness Workshop

The typical format is a 45-60 minutes lunchtime talk with Q&A at the end and usually includes:

Stress management

Improve energy

Improve immunity

Better sleep

Managing mood swings

Weight loss

Cardiovascular health

Individual Wellness Programmes

Private individual consultations on site for specific health concerns. These are usually 45-60 minutes consultations

Member of FNTP membership no. 104822805

Member of KERI - Kids Eat Right International

Mentor at: ANAD - National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders